👋 I’m Deb! Welcome to my little corner on the Internet.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I’m delighted to have you here and hope this is the start of a wonderful relationship!

🤔 Deb who?

Of course, that’s the first question. Here’s a little history. I started my career as a QA trainee at Cognizant (a big-a** IT services multi-national corp).

I worked there for about a year before startups & marketing piqued my interest. So, I completed Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing courses and I was ready (hell yeah! :D) for the digital world.

5 years and 40 companies later, I’m helping early-stage SaaS startups grow from scratch, organically. I don’t drink but I could get high when there’s a sudden spike in traffic or burst of inbound leads. A few of the companies I was able to support are Iteratively, Open Financial, Typeset, Cookt, etc. 

My recent interest is DTC (direct-to-consumer). Partly because I’ve taken up this gig at DelightChat where I’m heading the growth initiatives but also cause I love the movement and support small businesses.

🧠 Why should you follow me?

Let’s get down to business. All of us are curious individuals and we constantly seek knowledge. I created this blog to help you understand (and implement) organic tactics to scale your SaaS or DTC business without spending a dollar.

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💬 Let’s connect?

I’m generally curious about the world and who’s doing what. So, let’s chat. I’d love to know what you’re working on and how I can help.

I’m quite active across all channels, viz. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Email. Looking forward to your ‘hey’ in my inbox. 🙂