Deb Mukherjee SaaS marketer

Hey 👋 I’m Deb!

How’s it going? I’m Deb and thanks for visiting my little corner of the interweb. 

🤔 Deb who?

I am a SaaS marketer with over seven years of experience working with 30+ SaaS startups in various capacities. I love growing brands through organic strategies that don’t break the bank.

I’m heading marketing at Numeral (ecom sales tax platform), hosting the ultimate DTC retention podcast with top brands like The Ridge, and advising companies like 1-800-D2C, Octane AI, and others.

Here are some of my (humble) accomplishments:

  • [Staytuned] Established the switch from a 500-page unusable site (Kiwi) to WordPress, improving traffic by 25% and leading to a 16% boost in app downloads.
  • [Staytuned] Decreased Cost Per Install for Staytuned apps in Shopify App Store by 80% with sustained results.
  • [Staytuned] Constructed a specialized team of five marketing professionals to expand on multiple platforms, like social media, content/SEO, and partnerships.
  • [Wonderment] Conducted swipe file campaign, resulting in 200+ organic email subscribers within 24 hours; many converted into paying customers.
  • [Wonderment] Initiated agency partner program and onboarded top DTC growth agencies such as CTC, Structured, Hawke Media, and Homestead.
  • [DelightChat] Created and executed a comprehensive organic growth strategy, resulting in 100 paying customers within nine months.
  • [DelightChat] Executed programmatic SEO campaign resulting in 25k visitors in 8 months, doubling revenue.
  • [DelightChat] Devised a Bottom of Funnel content strategy driving 80% monthly demos with a 70% conversion rate.

📈 Work with me?

If you’re a SaaS business in the e-commerce enablement space and need help strategizing and mapping out your growth, I’m your guy (and you can check above that I’m not blowing smoke). 

Drop me an email or DM me on Twitter if you want similar (or better) results.