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EP 8: How Predictable Revenue Launched a Virtual Conference that Got 3600 Registrations

Guest: Β Julia Heesen, Head of Marketing at Predictable Revenue

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EP 7: The Anatomy of a High-Converting SaaS Landing Page

Guest: Oliver Kenyon, Co-founder & CEO of Landing Page Guys

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EP 6: How Bannersnack Grew Its Site Traffic by 61% & Leveraging Pinterest as a Search Engine to Create Content

Guest: Robert Katai, Content & Communications Manager at Bannersnack

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EP 5: How Supermetrics Grew Its Blog-influenced Trials by 34% through Product-led Content

Guest: Pinja Virtanen, Content Marketing Manager at Supermetrics

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EP 4: "Pizza in Email" Campaign Generated 1400% More Leads at Workiz & Website Re-design using Customer Feedback at Lusha

Guest: Vanessa Perplies, Content Lead at Lusha

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EP 3: How Wiza Grew their Organic Search Traffic by 135% in Just 6 Months

Guest: Brooklin Nash, Head of Content at SalesHacker

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EP 2: How Soapbox Grew their Weekly MQLs by 318% in Just 3 Months

Guest: Hiba Amin, Marketing Manager at Soapbox

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EP 1: How Directive Helped Sumo Logic Grow their Keyword Rankings by 61% Y-o-Y

Guest: Brendan Hufford, ex-Head of SEO at Directive & Founder at seofortherestofus.org

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